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#runwithmaud links

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

LAST UPDATE: 08/07/20

I thought I would post some links to the articles/twitter posts/podcasts etc. that I've been posting on my Instagram stories since Ahmaud Arbrey's murder. As mentioned on Instagram, the initial catalyst was #runwithmaud and the Black experience.

But I have since consciously expanded this list to include underrepresented voices of all POC, including Indigenous and First Nations. Please do read my Black Narratives post for the stories I've been listening to that focus purely on the Black experience.

I will be adding to this list as much as I can, and I hope you're able to read and actively think on them:


Diversity is not a hashtag by Amiththan Sebarajah - Your Sole


(That last point ^^ made me check myself. This is a real ingrained problem that I think helps us justify racism as a society. I think more-so in America, but perhaps that's just because it's tested more there?)

This was said on a thread 'Black people cannot be racist'. Power+prejudice=racism is an entirely new definition for me. I've been thinking about how I feel about it, and in a way it really does define racism as that structural rather than personal problem. Which is good to recognise. But in another way, I feel like it absolves people of personal racism. And it simplifies 'power' as if it is set. There is a constant shift of who holds power in different settings, countries, sectors etc. and there is a clear difference between structural/institutional power and personal power that the thread doesn't seem to acknowledge.

The first Tweet on ableism could be problematic coming from someone who isn't in that community, and some of the replies from people within the disability community appear to agree.



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