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Offline writing

Dramatic Shorts
The Bigger Book of Yes
Oh Comely magazine - 'animal guests: one spider'
Pod Bible Magazine
Like The Wind
Intrepid Magazine
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Writing for audio

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START - 1.07 - Ochenta Stories, 'Pierogi' (2021). Writer, Narrator.

1.08 - 1.35 - Equal Too: A Rising Phoenix Podcast, 'The Hunt For Employment Equality' (2021). Scripting.

1.36 - 2.44 - Out There, 'The 'Privilege' to Choose' (2019). Writer, Narrator, Editor, Sound Design.

2.46 - 4.43 - 'A Small Patch of Infinity' for She Explores. Writer, Narrator.

4.45 - END - Out There, 'The 'Privilege' to Choose' (2019). Writer, Narrator, Editor, Sound Design.

Online writing

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