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Podcasts I have worked on

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Chatting To A Friend
Seize Your Adventure
Kinjaz - movement in the shadows
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
On The Outside podcast cover new
Wild For Scotland
Out There
Extraordinary Ordinary You
Equal Too
Blossom Trees and Burnt Out Cars
Cancelled by Broccoli
Ochenta Stories
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START - 1.36 - ‘Hope’ (2022) - a short audio piece taken from the Wild For Scotland episode ‘Creature of the Sea‘ - was awarded a commendation at the latest Climate Creatives Challenge #02. Series Producer, Editor, Sound Design.

1.37 - 4.34 -'It's time for the outdoor sector to talk about money...' (2022) was recorded on-site at the Outdoors Connection for On The Outside. Series Producer, on-site recording, editing, mixing.  

4.36 - 5.10 - Seize Your Adventure, 'I Am A Runner' (2019) written and voiced by Amanda Plomp, remotely produced. Series Producer, Editor, Sound Design.


5.12 - 6.07 - Equal Too: A Rising Phoenix Podcast was made in co-production with Stripped Media and Harder Than You Think. This is clip comes from 'The Hunt For Employment Equality' (2021). Producer, scripting, quote pulling.

6.09 - 7.50 - Seize Your Adventure, 'The Outdoor Mindset' (2019) was my first journalistic-style episode, created in collaboration with Outdoor Mindset. A mixture of on-site recording, voicenotes and narration. Series Producer, Writer, Editor, Sound Design, Narrator.

7.52 - 8.36 - Out There, 'The 'Privilege' to Choose' (2019). Writer, Narrator, Editor, Sound Design.

8.38 - END - Seize Your Adventure, 'Mind Over Mountains' (2019) written and voiced by Jake Quigley, remotely produced. Series Producer, Editor, Sound Design 

Videos and audiograms

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