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Writing an Episode for 'Out There'

Creating my own podcast has been a steep learning curve. I have cobbled together the skills I have as a writer, the dregs of my school years spent video editing and the much-sought advice from my Dad and sister about sound editing. With this (and a LOT of Googling) I have tried to create episodes that sound a bit like the type of podcasts I listen to... with a few forgive-me-I'm-doing-this-in-my-bedroom moments tossed in for good measure.

A microphone in recording studio with a soundwave on the computer screen behind
A microphone in recording studio with a soundwave on the computer screen behind

One of the podcasts I listen to and have been influenced by is Out There, hosted by Willow Belden. Earlier on this year, they ran an episode about the Camino - Becoming a Secular Pilgrim - and I imagined that it was sign that I had a story worth being on there. And then I decided to throw caution to the wind and actually pitch a story about my own Camino journey.

My idea was accepted. And over several weeks, the host of Out There, Willow Belden, helped me coax out a beautiful tale of choice, and trusted me enough to edit and produce the episode to have on her own show.

Looking at the theme of choice was such a different aspect of my Camino experience. It really got me thinking about myself, my relationship with epilepsy and how the condition shaped my experience. Creating this episode also made me take a really long look at the post-trip blues and slump I found myself in for the months after the Camino.

I have spoken about the Camino before. A lot. But this feels like such a new part of it and I truly think it is some of my best writing, with some little phrases I am quite proud of.

So hit pause on whatever you are doing and head over to Out There.

Thank you Willow for letting me tell my story and helping to break the boundries between epilepsy and adventure.

Safe adventures everyone :)

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