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Francesca Turauskis

Seize Your Adventure Founder

I founded Seize Your Adventure with three aims: to share adventure stories from people who don’t let epilepsy map their lives; to encourage others to explore their own limits; and to spread awareness for epilepsy in all its guises. 

Seize Your Adventure is a podcast that uses the power of adventure to spread epilepsy awareness. As the only platform dedicated to people with epilepsy telling their own stories of adventurous living, it is changing the narrative of both communities. Episodes are a mix of creative non-fiction stories told by a person with epilepsy, and conversations with guests. The stories are produced to place people in the adventure and imagine living the adventure life. The interviews are a chance to learn more about the guests’ love of their sport, but also the challenges and accommodations of living with epilepsy. Interviews are mainly with those who live with epilepsy and have ownership over their condition, but also with activity providers who support access within their own sport. 

This is accompanied by extra content on the website, which shares stories, Q&As and articles to help both the experienced and the aspirational learn more about doing adventure sports and challenges when you have epilepsy.



Jake Quigley, Outdoor Mindset

We want to celebrate all the content Seize Your Adventure provides. The stories and interviews are really powerful

Jordan Wylie, Adventurer

Seize Your Adventure is doing a fantastic job of showing that many  people with epilepsy can still do pretty much anything they want

Alex Staniforth, Adventurer

Seize Your Adventure is an amazing project bringing hope and inspiration


I absolutely adore the way that this podcast has been put together; it's super professional and highly entertaining!


 I think it’s incredible how much of a light it shines on developing independence and making the outdoors more accessible.


 I’ll be recommending it for any of the students that I work with who may be nervous about adventuring either with epilepsy or other conditions