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Francesca Turauskis

SayYesMore Ambassador 

Due to my work striving to ignite adventure in others and break down the misconceptions around epilepsy, I have been chosen as a 2019 SayYesMore ambassador. 

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SayYesMore is a social enterprise that creates events, spaces and situations to bring people together, often in the great outdoors. It nudges people towards realising what they're really capable of, and the spaces SayYesMore curates are designed to let ideas and mindsets blossom.

Whether it's supporting brave decisions, encouraging adventurous thinking, finding (or creating) work to love or simply designing a lifestyle that fits perfectly with individual personalities and needs, #TeamYes figure that if we all look after ourselves and those around us (and don't forget to have fun along the way!) the world will be a much better place.

Saying yes more means something different to everyone, but #TeamYes intends for it to be a call to action for anyone wanting to make life count.

The SayYesMore ambassadors are trail blazers, change-makers, activists and weekend warriors who live and lead by example. Each one of them has a purpose, a project and a mission to help other people make the most of their time and ability.