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1 adventure advocate

30 different adventures

87 people affected by epilepsy

12 months

The Challenge

To celebrate turning 30 in 2019, I will be taking on 30 different adventure challenges I have never done before. These will range from trying popular adventure activities for the first time (such as stand-up paddleboarding) to physical challenges (including the 100KM Race to the Stones event) and out-of-the-box suggestions such as bog snorkelling! Each adventure will push me out of my comfort-zone. More importantly, this will give me the chance to work with adventure sports providers to discuss what stops people with epilepsy trying their sport, and to break down the misconceptions surrounding epilepsy.

In the UK, 1 in 100 people have epilepsy. and 87 people are diagnosed every day. To highlight this fact, I will be inviting 87 people with epilepsy, or someone close to them, to join me in the adventures. This will encourage others with the condition to find their own adventures and it will show the wide range of people affected by the condition. 

By working with these individuals and companies, adventure sports will become more accessible for those with epilepsy who never considered it could be for them. 
Would you like to support this challenge to help bring epilepsy and adventure together? Download the Media Pack and Kit List to see how you can help.
If you would be interested in being an activity provider, or joining an adventure as a person with epilepsy, please see the adventures below.

12 Months to Complete

The 30 at 30 Challenge will start during National Epilepsy Awareness Week UK 2019 (w/c 20th May). 
I will have one year to complete the challenge in time for my next challenge in 
National Epilepsy Awareness Week 2020!

The Adventures

RACE TO THE STONES (for Young Epilepsy)
with Outdoor Mindset
with Tim Pitman
with Jake Quigley
with Jordan Wylie